Dead Stars


Beyond the hostile stretch of space called Lucifer’s Forge lies the vast expanse of Dark Space, unknown areas beyond the Human Fringe. Here lie scattered the remains of ancient alien empires, tomb worlds crammed with the wealth of ages past, ruins filled with ancient, alien secrets that drive men mad, hostile worlds of extreme climates and vicious predators, all under the fitful glow of the Dead Stars, ancient stars with a corpse-like light that drive humans mad. This is the world of Dead Stars, a sci-fi horror campaign about exploration, survival, and terror. Characters from the relative safety of the Human Core Worlds abandon that security to find their fortunes among the terrifying worlds of Dark Space. Whether as explorers for the Megaversities of the Grand Solarian Republic seeking alien artifacts among the dark ruins, exploratory traders for the Megacorporations seeking new markets and resources to exploit, Scouts for the Fleet charting new routes and potential alien threats to the Republic, refugees from the Core Worlds seeking freedom from the Republic’s oppression and corruption, Bolters, refugees fleeing the expansion of the alien empires surrounding human space and seeking refuge, looters scouring the corpse worlds beyond the gates for private collectors, or surviving rebels of the Fringe Revolt, hoping to find anything that can throw off the yoke of the Republic, or even tramp spacers doing all of the above, the wonder and horror of Dark Space is open, to any brave or foolish enough to seek its secrets.