Zarastrutha Incident

USS Zarastrutha , of Terran United World Government, makes first contact with Devans in 22nd century. Entire crew of 50 seduced and enslaved by Devans, who decide Earth is rich new source of slaves, leading to Contact War between Earth and Devans. Earth wins due to distance Devans have to send Krorr, Zhann, Altairians, and Gorahk to fight, but it was a very close conflict, and led the Devans to begin to scheme to get human slaves no matter what the cost. This led to the Border Wars which eventually overwhelmed the UWG.

The Devan Plague

A alien disease of unknown origin, though a theory exists that it was a bio weapon designed by terrorists to break the Devan stronghold over near space. Though it primarily affects Devans, it has some bleed over to other humanoids, though only the males. It only affects spermatozoa, which is present in all the hermaphroditic Devans. Any species genetically compatible with the Devans also has its males affected, though to a lesser degree. Only the Vegans are unaffected, as they can change sex to female to avoid it. The plague kills swiftly and painfully, causing abnormal tumors that produce aberrant white blood cells. This leads to a painful growth of the tumors while the aberrant white blood cells attack the body’s immune system. Death is by massive internal hemorrhaging when the internal tumors finally rupture, usually within 24 hours for the Devans, but almost a week for other species.

When the plague swept the Devan Empire, it eradicated almost half of the Devans, as well as a percentage of their subject races. The Devans were forced to withdraw from their occupied worlds to their core worlds, wrecking their empire and allowing many races to obtain freedom again. The Devans are currently held in check by fears that another race has duplicated the Plague and will use it if the Devans threaten to conquer near space again.

The Elysium Incident

The SS Elysium is a luxury liner captured by the Xenosects. Despite an extensive cover up, evidence of the Xenosects leak out and the public finds out the government of the TUWG was covering up the existence of hostile alien races. This leads to the first world wide riots in centuries and the collapse of the New Socialist Party on Earth.

The Hyperion Incident

The USS Hyperion is the first human ship to encounter an alien predator, on Proxima Centauri. Centauri Wasps manage to implant eggs in two humans and build a hive in the ship. The entire incident is captured on video, transmitted to Earth, where support staff can only watch in horror as Hyperion becomes a new wasp nest, with the unfortunate survivors as mad hosts for new wasp queens. This leads to the first alien predator protocols for new worlds by the Exploration Branch of the UWG Fleet, which are later adopted by the Imperial Scouts, and later the Solarian Republic Scout Service.

The New Wakefield Incident

A former Centauran colony world, the Centaurans were forced to abandon it after the Devan Plague. When humans arrived, they find a few surviving Centaurans who had reverted to barbarism. The NutraSynth corporation moved them to reservations, to clear the planet for large scale agribusiness. When the Centaurans found out, protests, claims, counterclaims erupted, with NutraSynth successfully arguing before the Terran High Court that it was exempt as a private business from any treaties with alien powers. This produced tensions finally leading to a war when NutraSynth was discovered to be trying to harvest Centauran DNA to cross with Terran cattle to produce super cattle. Following the Solarian Republic’s disastrous defeat by the Centaurans, the family of the head of NutriSynth was captured by the Centaurans and tried and executed on live feed.

The Border Wars

A series of conflicts of the TUWG that ran concurrent with the Bug Wars against the Xenosects. The Devans, unable to decisively conquer the humans, decided to shift the burden of the war to small incursions, raids, and low intensity conflict using their slave races. This slowly chipped away at the TUWG, since it could never go to a non war economy, leading to its eventual collapse.

IMS Apex Aurora

A legendary luxury liner during the Empire. Even by modern standards it was huge, with a crew of a thousand, and could carry 3000 passengers, as well as a vast amount of cargo. It was the pride of the Empire, and was part of a popular route from Earth out to the Fringe, and back, with stops at major worlds and sites of Forerunner ruins and celestial phenomenon along the way, that was amazingly popular among the Empire’s wealthy elite. After five years of service, the parent company, Transworld LIC, started extending the route out to Lucifer’s Forge. After two trips of this nature, the vessel went missing following a massive eruption on the hyper-star Lucifer. Over the intervening centuries, reports have circulated of far traders and scouts sighting the phantom vessel, still traveling in space, with the dead passengers, still in their expensive finery, locked in their final places aboard the ship, as if still alive. Several tales tell of attempts by salvagers to recover the fortune in personal wealth owned by the passengers, as well as the outrageously valuable cargo, but all have ended in failure, leading to legends of the vessel being haunted and cursed. Most Fringers believe the Apex Aurora is just a legend, a myth to con gullible Core Worlders, but enough unexplained sightings and radio signals still crop up to keep fueling the stories that maybe after 400 years the legendary ship and its fabulous wealth may actually still roam the space ways, and be ripe for bold adventurers to salvage and loot.


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