Far Stars Subsector

Far Stars Sub-sector
The oldest human colonized settlements in the sector, Far Stars colonies were settled during the era of the Terran United World Government, unknowingly taking advantage of a temporary withdrawal of Devan colonies following a disastrous Bug War in nearby Devan sectors. The Devans pulled almost everything out of Far Stars to protect assets, and consolidate forces against the Bugs, and held off the insects from ravaging the sector, while the Bugs kept the Devans busy as well. This enabled human colonies in the area to thrive, until the collapse of the TUWG, when the Devans had the whole sector fall into their hands and they occupied and enslaved most of the human worlds. Some worlds managed to mount an effective resistance, which coupled with on and off rebellions, ruthlessly and brutally punished by Devan alien Janissaries, were common. During the Imperial Resurgence, the Devans were again distracted, by a centuries long three-sided conflict with the Scarans and Vegans, which drew off Devan resources enough for the Empire to push them out and reclaim the sector. During the Imperial rule, the sector was heavily developed, and the first coordinated efforts were made to research the Dead Stars, the Death gates, and the Lucifer’s Forge area, though with decidedly mixed results.
This lasted only as long as it took for the Devans to finally defeat the Scarans and Vegans, and they then devoted their attention to crushing the humans. The Empire was overrun and conquered, but the Far Stars area managed to cling to quasi-independence for another century or so, before the Devans got around to re-subjugating the area. This lasted until the Devan Phage drove out the Devans, leaving behind wrecked, scattered worlds. When the Republic arrived, it offered vital assistance in rebuilding, as well as providing frontier protection against the various pirates and marauders in the area. They also wisely decided to not directly govern the area, instead setting up an Autonomous Frontier Administration Area which gave a lot of local control, and saved the Republic the headache of direct governance, letting the sector flourish.
This, of course, came crashing down when the various Megacorps which wanted to exploit the area influenced the Republic to dissolve the AFAA, leading to the Fringe Revolt, eight years of war, and now five more years of ruinous occupation that has left the Sector restive, and imbued with a fierce hatred of the Republic and the Megacorps.

The center of the Far Stars Sub-Sector, Prometheus is the oldest colony in the area. It was the administrative capital of the Far Stars Autonomous Region, and the capital of the Far Stars Free State. After the siege of 2912, it fell to Solar Republic forces and has been occupied ever since. It is a temperate world, orbiting 4th from its very hot type G star, with 8 continents. Urban and open terrain are well balanced, and its population of 8 billion was very comfortable until the rebellion. Now, it is heavily garrisoned by the Army of the Republic, and is the center of the Republic’s occupation of the sector.
Though the rebels are loathe to admit it, Prometheus has come out well from the conflict, despite the heavy reparations imposed on the world. Support for the Republic is very high, with a sizable amount of employment by the Sector Government of the Republic Occupation Authority. Sector Governor James Tzan Lau sees to it that order is maintained not only by Department of Internal Security paramilitary units, as well as Army of the Republic Military Police, but by making sure many of the citizens are employed in administration and infrastructure jobs. The Worker’s Union Party, in support of him, have also brought in batch contract jobs as well as supporting the introduction of the Basic Work Allotment and Basic Income Credit to the world. The entertainment megacorps Horizon Virtual Networks has subsidized its VRN offerings to the general population, which has also pacified the population. The only areas off limits are the Janus Down Starport facilities, which has been taken over by government and military use, and Starbase Santiago, the second largest military facility in the Sector, bristling with Army, marines, and Naval squadrons to patrol and police the sector.

The most densely populated world of the sector, Beltaine orbits second from its cool class K star. It is a world covered in dense urban areas that contain a variety of light manufacturing and service industries. Its cities are massive sprawls of huge high rise structures, and the air is a dense, misty affair. Unlike Prometheus, Beltaine is a hotbed of rebel sympathy still, after five years of occupation. A heavy presence of Internal Security Forces and Military Police keep the unrest to a minimum, but riots and strikes are not uncommon, followed by brutal police raids that cause more unrest. Vessels doing trade at Newport Down Starport are subjected to thorough searches by the Customs Police as well as Internal Security to prevent weapons and human smuggling. Two smaller worlds in Beltaine’s system, Bethmoora and Tyrendon, support subsidiary industries. These worlds are also hotbeds of rebel sympathizers, and are heavily garrisoned and policed.

Three Sisters
Notable because this system has three major habitable worlds, it is a a huge prize for the Republic, and it requires a large military presence to keep in line. The three worlds are:
The second planet orbiting the hot, white type F star of the Three Sisters system, Lilith is a hot house planet that is a center of biological technology and education, boasting the best hospitals in the sector. It was one of the ideological centers of the rebellion and is now heavily occupied by the Solar Republic. Its many biotech companies are being taken over by various megacorps, provoking unrest as they undo long standing work benefits to save costs.
The third planet orbiting Three Sisters’ Star, it is a heavily industrialized World. Most of its inhabitants were supporters of the Rebellion, but now are quiescent, under the heavy occupation of the Three Sisters system. It is a desert world, loaded with heavy industries, including planetary systems, ships components and construction, and heavy industrial systems.
The fourth world of the Three Sisters system, Marilith is a mining world and supplies 20% of the sector’s mineral needs. Its miners are very resistive, and the Republic’s Occupying Authority is bringing in miners from other worlds to break the miner’s unions up. Protests often rock the world, and riots often break out. It is believed the Mandragoran Syndicate is smuggling arms to the miners. It is a world of contrasts, being mostly hot desert and humid jungle extremes. There is evidence of mining colonies placed by the Devans long before humans arrived, and mysteriously abandoned.

A quiet frontier world, with nothing much to recommend it except the heavy use of wind and solar power by its inhabitants, and its extensive library system, with many museums and universities devoted to Imperial history as well as non-human cultures. Combustion engines are practically unknown and wind light airships and electric vehicles serve the public transport net. It is a temperate world, fourth from a warm type F star, with a beautiful ecosystem that is now being exploited by the megacorps for tourism. The inhabitants are mostly satisfied with Republican rule, though if their progressive, peaceful system is over exploited, it could result in a shift in sympathies.

A corporate world owned almost entirely by Kushima Heavy Industries LIC, it is a vast city world, heavily inhabited, and almost all trade is run by the Megacorp. Its security division handles policing on the world, and despite efforts by the former rebels and the Mandragoran Syndicate to formant unrest, so far the world remains solidly under corporate control, despite the ruinous prices and lack of social services. It is full of dense metals, and suffers from poisonous outbreaks of lethal smog from KHI’s lifting of safety standards. Halad is second from its hot type A star.

A corporate farm world owned by NutraSynth, it is mostly inhabited by corporate employees stationed at the research facilities and test farms. Only NutraSynth vessels are allowed in system, leading to rumors about what they are developing in system. It is a pleasant, temperate world, located third from its type F star.

A militant world that enthusiastically supported the Rebellion, it has a socialistic warrior mindset that hates the megacorps and the Occupational Authority. It is the most restive world under the Occupational Authority and often riots, requiring a large amount of Internal Security and Republic Military forces to keep the peace. It is a balanced, temperate world, third from its Type K star, a place of great natural beauty, with strict environmental regulations that are slowly being eroded by the megacorps for tourism and exploitation. The 22nd Cruiser Squadron, and the 107th and 46th Destroyer squadrons are stationed her to maintain order, as well as the 35th and 36th Field Armies.

A remote, isolated planet orbiting a gas giant that is fourth from its type K star. It is a humid little tide locked world, home to a variety of carnivores beyond the electronic frontier. A penal colony is maintained by the Internal Security Division of the Republic for hard core offenders. The badly damaged Kirdur-class cruiser RSV Ghazi has been placed in orbit as a prison hulk for serious offenders. The 8th Internal Security Squadron polices the system.

A ocean world orbiting third from its type F star, it has two medium sized moons. It produces both research and agricultural produce. It is covered in many small islands and archipelagos, with a few small continents. Most of the cities are underwater complexes. Its is only lightly occupied at the moment, but various megacorps are interested in exploiting its resources and natural beauty.

A high population world, noted for its computer systems development and manufacturing. Several of the megacorps have set up here, plundering the local businesses before driving them under. As a result, the planet is restive and a large Occupation Authority garrison is here. It is located second from its cool type M star, and is a temperate world, covered with high rise archologies, leaving much of the planet in wilderness. The 9th and 33rd Cruiser Squadrons, and the 28th and 29th destroyer Squadrons are stationed here, as are the 15th and 42nd Field Armies.

Orbitplexes 1 through 3
These are orbital manufacturing colonies scattered throughout the Laertes Asteroid belts. They support a sizable population of wild cat miners looking through the blasted remains of the former planets in the type K Laertes system, which was devastated by a solar shock wave millennia ago, exposing the interiors of the planets for strip mining. VulcanMetal LIC and Hellstrom Mining LLC are trying to dominate the system, but at the moment they can’t bring in enough miners or security forces to secure the area, so they have to deal with the miners and their guilds. Sizable deposits of iridium, thorium, Hessium, and neo-cesium are located in the system, and radiation and solar storms from the still erupting star causes sizable injuries and casualties each year. A sizable smuggling business exists, bringing in the luxury trade goods, especially tobacco, alcohol, and recreational drugs craved by the wealthy miners. There is also rumored to be a heavy illegal trade in harvested organs and skin, as the miners are subjected to hard gamma and Berthold radiation in system, which causes rampant cancers and organ failure.

Orbitplex 4
A new complex set up in the Carasion belt by Hellstrom Mining LLC, orbiting a volatile type B star. It shows signs similar to the Laertes system, and its worlds have been ruptured by a cosmic event, exposing the contents for mining. It is still under construction, but limited mining has begun. Hellstrom has stationed a company security force in system to chase off wildcat miners and claim jumpers, which a low intensity conflict building up between the two sides.

New Haven
A rich world, with a balanced economy. It was one of the founders of the Confederation and was the last one subdued. As a result, it has the largest concentration of Occupational Authority forces to hold order. It contributed the largest percentage of officers to the Confederation military. It is a pleasant world, third from its Type G star, with a well balanced, diverse economy. Its inhabitants are currently disenfranchised and still under martial law, unlike Prometheus. The 9th Battle Fleet, and the 63rd and 39th Armies are deployed in system to control it, under Admiral Wei, along with the 3rd Internal Security Fleet under Admiral Gyonbao.

High Port
The premier trade hub of the sub-sector is Highport, a series of orbital docks, shipyards, and complexes circling the third world and its moons of this Type K star. Much of the sub-sector’s trade from the Republic enters and leaves through Highport. Planet side, the world is heavily urbanized, and the Frontier Police Authority of the Ministry of Police is constantly involved stopping the smugglers who use the vast amount of trade to hide their activities. It supported the Rebellion, and its dockyards still contain many radical workers who support the cause and resent the Occupational Authority, but the great Trade Houses who run the planet support the new order, and are collaborating with the megacorps and the Occupational Authority to bring in new labor from the Republic to dilute the workers and their guilds. The 15th Battle Fleet is stationed in system, along with the 29th army to secure the system.

Base Dalton
The primary forward military base for the Republic Navy, Base Dalton is a series of orbital and ground based complexes located on the small, barren second planet and moons of this dim, type K star. Its primary purpose is to maintain links from the Far Stars and Dark Stars sub-sectors to the adjacent Glimmer Stardrift Sector, as well as screen against the independent Krorr and Zhann colonies near that area. As a result, a full Frontier Squadron of the Republic Navy, as well a sizable Marine Assault forces and Republic Army formations are also available. As a result, the other, understaffed military bases in the area resent anyone assigned to Base Dalton, referring to it as “Base Hilton,” and bitterly noting that despite having the most assets in the area, the base often has no combat to speak of.
The 15th Frontier Squadron, as well as the attached 8th Pursuit Squadron, 105th and 106th Destroyer Squadron, and the 12th Internal Security Squadron, are assigned here, under Vice-Admiral Chao Ah Lam, who relishes the amount of forces under her command, and constantly schemes against Fleet Admiral Joshan to get more assets. She is currently using her contacts in the Megacorps and the Republic’s Grand Assembly to get a cruiser squadron assigned to her, to ostensibly counter a threat from the Krorr.

Ordepot Sardis
The Republic’s only Ordinance Depot in the area, it acts as the main supply storage and distribution center for the Sector and the adjacent one. It is a vast, planetary hub of ground facilities, orbital complexes, and space docks occupying several moons around the sub-gas giant orbiting 5th from the type M star, with personnel facilities and minor military colonies on the two small, cool, rocky habitable inner worlds. Vice-Admiral Winslow oversees the 4 transport squadrons of freighters and transports assigned here, and manages to keep supplies running smoothly through the Sardis Gate, which connects to the Valkaar’s Deep Sector, out to the various posts and stations in the sector, even if his fleet is overstretched and undermanned. He constantly has to deal with pirates and marauders along the border, as well as Resistance attacks against the depot itself, and he’s requested escort squadrons, but so far to no avail. He has a fierce rivalry with Vice-Admiral Chao.

Medusa is a warm planet, located 3rd from its type G star. It is a super earth, and has a hot, toxic atmosphere. Most inhabitants live in domed cities in the cooler extremes of the planet, while large scale mining and industry goes on in vast factory cities across the rest of the planet. The local government’s motto is their planet is already polluted, so they eagerly welcome the heaviest industries to Medusa, as they can’t seem to pollute the environment anymore than it already is. This makes them a favorite of both the Megacorps and the central government, and support for the Republic is very high on Medusa, at least among the middle and upper classes. The working classes, without access to advanced medicine, often suffers from serious cancers and other fatal illnesses.

Masakar Firing Range
The Masakar system was wrecked when some sort of stellar shock wave impacted the stars about 25,000 years ago. As a result, the main type G star is prone to unpredictable eruptions of solar flares, solar storms, and ion storms which ravage the system, while the companion dwarf type M star is hemorrhaging its plasma in intense plasma storms. This has left the few still intact small rocky inner worlds sun-scorched wastelands, with the outer gas giants roiling, tempestuous worlds, and the remnant of destroyed worlds litter the system in the form of vast asteroid belts. All of this suits the government perfectly, making Masakar into a firing range to test new weapons. A large station hosting several space docks orbits the outermost gas giant, while various storage facilities are scattered about that planet’s moons. A small squadron of corvettes and gunboats protects the system, but at any time, three to eight capital ships are in system testing a variety of advanced weapons systems. The system is a Red Zone, off limits to all non-military traffic. The system is sealed so tight that all supplies are shipped in using military transports, not civilian contractors.
However, despite the security, there is often raids on the system by resistance groups, pirates, smugglers, and criminals of all stripes. Unused ordnance, abandoned weapons and supplies, all abound in the system, a rich profit for anyone willing to rest the shoot on sight orders of the Navy. There are also quite a few storage facilities for weapons and supplies, and they can’t all be guarded at once, so they sit as tempting targets for anyone who wishes to make a big score. Of course, the Navy makes it well known how many criminals it catches and executes every year as a warning, but there are still plenty of individuals who think it can’t happen to them, and that they’re due. Rear-Admiral Lockland takes great delight in advertising failures, as she often uses any live targets that sneak in as live practice for test craft and systems.

Voorsgaardal Testing Range
The Voorsgaardal system is a massive, hot type O star, with a few small, rocky inner worlds. The main world is a double planet system orbiting second from the star, a small, hot house hell world locked in a tidal orbit with a slightly larger, volcanic hell world. The small, Mars sized third planet is cool, and mostly barren, with a large, Titan sized moon that houses the Far Stars Fleet testing ground. Here tactics, both fleet and ground, survival training, and systems training are conducted. A minimum of weapons testing is done, due to competition from the Masakar Range, and Vice-Admiral Jhong has a hot rivalry with Admiral Lockland over resources. Like Masakar, the system is off limits to civilians, with shoot on sight orders from the Occupational Authority, which suits the military forces in system fine, since they treat intrusions as bonus live fire exercises. Despite this threat, like the Masakar system, a variety of beings with a variety of reasons seek to enter and abscond with whatever they find there. Enough achieve their goals for it to remain a temptation, despite the high chance of failure. Usually, 3 to 6 vessels of various sizes are in system, as are 2 to 5 ground formations of various types. The 108th System Defense Squadron, a mixed force of escorts, gunboats, system defense boats, and corvettes, aggressively patrol the system

San Lobos Penal Colony
Several small, rocky moons orbit around the second, humid world of shallow seas and saurian life forms of this type F star. The moons house several extensive underground penal colonies, used by the Occupational Authority for former rebels, resistance fighter, pirates, shatrats, and other malcontents. These facilities extend deep underground the airless, sun-scorched moons, giving no chance of escape on the surface. The heavily guarded and armed freighters that supply the complexes are also practically impossible to hijack, and even then, escape from the 205th Internal Security Squadron’s gunboats and corvettes is problematic as well. Even if a convict managed to escape to the planet San Lobos itself, the scientific research stations would turn them in, or the convict would have to survive the gigantic dinosauric lifeforms that inhabit the dense jungles and shallows seas. As a result, the system is considered an ideal place to put both political prisoners, and the worst criminals in the sector.

Eregore is a pleasant temperate world, third from its type K star. An urbanized planet, it has a balanced economy and high population. It has been chosen by the PrimeMed Corporation to be the site of a new PrimeMed Sector General Hospital, under construction in orbit and on Eregore’s second moon, which will serve the entire sector. This will provide a massive amount of employment in the sector and for the planet, which is undermining the planet’s once firm support for the resistance, which in turn is starting to attract attention for resistance fighters that are targeting the planet’s leaders and infrastructure in an attempt to intimidate the population. As a result, security forces are being brought in, and it is likely the planet will be listed as a Yellow Travel Zone in the future.

Star Fortress Bastion
This system is a rare one, with a double star, a type G giant and a white dwarf, with mostly rocky, uninhabitable inner worlds, and several massive gas giants in the outer system. The main colony is an Earth-sized moon orbiting the main super-Jovian gas giant sixth in the system, along with a dozen smaller moons,two of which are also habitable. The whole system is mined, and strung with space stations, orbital and planetary defenses, and is home to the 5th Frontier Fleet, the 7th Battle Fleet, the 18th and 24th Cruiser Squadrons, and the 301st, 302nd, and 303rd Destroyer Squadrons. Ground forces include the 110th, 125th, and 133rd Armies, as well as the 15th Marine Assault Force, and the Army’s 1st Orbital Assault Force. This firepower alone would normally be enough to pacify any sector, but being at the end of the supply chain means only about 2/3rds of the forces are active at anytime, the rest being in dock for maintenance and repairs, or sidelined for lack of supplies and crews. Coupled with the fact that a sizable amount of fleet assets are needed to patrol the frontier to deal with shatrats and pirates, as well as prevent Krorr and Devan aggression, which also adds to the drain on supplies and manpower, and Fleet Admiral Ojenko is constantly stressed trying to get more assets from the Central Command, which is constantly turning him down and pointing out he has, at least on paper, a massive force at his command. He suspects that Chao Ah Lam is blocking his requests in an attempt to maneuver him out and get his position, so he is thinking about just requiring the Occupational Authority to force the local worlds to provide labor, manpower, and build ships locally for him, a move which Governor Lau opposes, but if the situation deteriorates further, Lau may have no choice but to agree, and then support for the Republic in the Sector will take another plummet. Already the mere name chaffs on the locals, as it was intended the Military Psychological Warfare Section to convey a sense of inevitability and invincibility to the Republic’s cause.

The Waypoint system is home of the Waypoint Gate, which connects the Far Stars Sector to the Gamorean Sector. It is housed in a volatile white giant type O system, with only a handful of small, rocky planets orbiting it, along with the massive star gate. The 14th Frontier squadron, under Rear-Admiral Jaynos guards the system and makes sure traffic flows freely. His squadron of the Starkar-class heavy cruiser RSV Orghost, along with two light cruisers and a dozen destroyers are enough to comb every starship that enters the system. Any vessel that does not heave to gets one warning shot across the bow, then is engaged. The system command center is an orbital post around the 5th planet, safely shield from the solar storms and flares that sweep the system on a regular basis.

Site of the Zardias Gate, which connects to the Glimmer Stardrift Sector. This type M system has only three small gas giants and a hot, tidal locked world in inner orbit. The inner world is rumored to have deep canyons that hide atmosphere, jungles, and strange Forerunner ruins, but the military squadron guard the system, the 18th Frontier Squadron of Rear-Admiral Khau, who answers to Vice-Admiral Chao, does not let any freelance explorers in system. All traffic in system gets identified, inspected, and then proceeds to or from the star gate, other wise the get impounded if possible, destroyed if not. Khau makes a lot of money impounding suspected resistance traffic, though often its just free traders without proper paper work. He splits the sales of impounded goods with Vice-Admiral Chao, and she gives him cover, but the attrition of local commerce is angering the local worlds. Khau has two heavy cruisers, the Starkar class RSV Vorkas, and the Kirdur-class RSV Jhavaan, as well as three light cruisers and a dozen destroyers, to enforce his order on the system.

One of the wealthiest mining planets in the sector, Motherlode is a huge, hot super Earth, orbiting second from its violent type A star. The star is prone to eruptions, causing violent solar storms in the system. All of the inner, rocky worlds are mined in some form or another,r but Motherlode is the richest, chock full of heavy metals, including Iridium, Thorium, Trianthium(used in making hyperdrives), Vanadium(used in starship armor), among others. It is a rich world, with miners actually balanced between independent groups and megacorps, as well as strong representation by the Miner’s Guild. Of course, this makes the world a target for underhanded megacorps tricks designed to undermine all of that independence and reduce the miners to the status of Core World miners. There is a cold war of sabotage, assassination, and disinformation between the two groups, as well as a lucrative business in smuggling weapons and armor, infiltration, bodyguards, hacking, and murder for hire, by both sides. Planetary Governor Namusan, one of the few elected officials still in the sector because Motherlode did not side with the Rebels, tries his best to keep order, but without a regular garrison of Republic troops and ships, he’s forced to rely of local resources, and those are slowly being undermined and eroded by the megacorps.

Cerberus Drift
The Cerberus system is in the process of becoming a neutron star. The expansion of their giant type A star has begun to revers and contract, and they disruptions to the system have stripped the rocky inner worlds of their atmospheres, and affected the outer gas giants. This has rendered the inner worlds ripe for full scale planetary mining, and the atmospheres of the gas giants have been altered by the steady stream of solar storms and radiation to produce rare compounds and gases. Thus the inner worlds are covered with vast mecha-combine mining units, huge crawling cities on treads that gouge up the ore and melt it in internal blast furnaces, they ship out the cooled, finished product via electro-magnetic rail systems to orbiting facilities, while the outer gas giants host vast refinery ships that harvest the gases and rare compounds for refining and shipping. The vast wealth of the system hosts quite a few rival megacorps, and sometimes skirmishes break out between their security forces. This is kept hushed up to avoid attracting the attention of the Republic military, though the megacorps are always hiring mercenaries to bolster their security forces.

Far Stars Subsector

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