A term for any refugee, usually an alien, fleeing from the expanding alien powers.


Term for any inhabitant, usually humans, along the Fringe of the Solarian Republic


Term for an organized band of pirates or criminals. The predominate shatrat bands in the Dark Stars Sector are the Sons of Freedom, composed of former Confederates, the Vyrim, composed of members of the Vyrim species, the Fists of Dragoros, a group of ruthless Krorr Pirates, the Tythians, a group of diverse bolters, and the Red Shadows, a bloodthirsty group of marauders.

The Mandragoran Syndicate

The biggest criminal syndicate in the sector, controlling a third of all organized crime. Believed located in the Mandragora system, though the Republic’s Department of Justice’s Star Law Division hasn’t been able to penetrate more than the lower echelons. It’s totally ruthless, and run by a council called the Octagon, composed of both aliens and humans. It’s the leading producer and supplier of illegal anagathics like Dark Spice, as well as the drugs Pulse, Splice, Red Dreams, and Sledgehammer, and runs the organ and skin trade in the area.


A bizarre disease/parasite combination believed to be a bio weapon designed by an alien race. The parasite is a worm-like creature that infects the victim, invading the brain where it settled in the lower cortex. The creature then slowly degrades and takes over the body’s functions, turning its victim into a shambling, bloodthirsty monstrosity craving fresh flesh and blood to fuel the parasite’s reproductive cycle. Also called Virally Transmitted Cannibalism, or VTC, and the Zombie Plague.


Megacorps are companies that trade all across known space. They have profit margins in the trillions of credits, and practically control politics in the Solarian Republic. Most have one core business, but they all own subsidiaries that dabble in the product lines of the others, and competition is brutal. All maintain their own corporate security divisions, which by law in the Republic function as deputized law enforcement.

Nutrasynth Corporation: Manufactures a variety of food products and maintains many farm worlds. Best known for its line of cheap, synthesized foods marketed to the poor. They also develop genetically modified crops and farm animals, like Aurochs.

Horizon Virtual Networks: The entertainment network. Best known for inventing the VR chip. Implanted in a brain, it allows the recording and replay of sensations of its user for others. VR shows are some of the most popular fare on the Virtual Networks.

Genetech LLC: Involved in genetic modification, research, and medical facilities, as well as food production. Big competitor of NeoPharm and Nutrasynth.

VulcanMetal LIC: An old company dating back to the Imperium, it specializes in system scale mining, though it also handles transport and ship manufacturing. It also owns Vulkan Weapons Systems, which manufactures high grade personal weapons.

Kushima Heavy Industries LIC: Another old company, it specializes in heavy manufacturing, industry, mining, ship building, and weapons manufacturing. A big rival of VulcanMetal, Hellstrom Mining, Invidious Manufacturing Limited, and Randall Corp.

Hellstrom Mining LLC: Another heavy industrial company, it specializes in mining, specifically gas and energy mining, as well as Wild Space exploration.

Invidious Manufacturing Limited: Main ship and weapon manufacturer.

Randall Corp: Primarily a weapon manufacturer, but also engages in shipbuilding as well.

Janus Corp: A research and development corp, looking for the next big breakthrough. Also known to loot alien worlds for legacy and forerunner tech.

NeoPharm: Largest medical researcher and manufacturer.

Javash Conglomerate: A transport and ship manufacturing firm. A relatively new company, its just gearing up operations.

Validus Standard Mining, LIC: An old Imperial company, it is a favorite of vulture capitalist and investors in the Home Worlds as it is dedicated to wringing maximum profit from all its operations. It is almost a stereotype of the evil megacorps, plundering worlds wholesale for profit without regards for consequences other than the bottom line. Its primary fields are mining, manufacturing, and energy production and exploitation.

PrimeMed The premier medical research and treatment megacorps, PrimeMed owns the Sector General chain of hospital facilities throughout human space.

Makropyrios Symposium One of the foremost university consortiums in human space, with a broad interest in research and development, especially xeno archaeology and xeno biology. Often funds expeditions to Wild Space and Dead Space for Forerunner artifacts.

Leyland-Gault-Zhang, LLC: A merger of three up and coming companies, Leyland-Gault-Zhang is a versatile company, with interests in weapons and systems design and manufacturing, research and development on a variety of products, as well as exploratory mining and alien resource exploitation. They are well known for being very aggressive in the acquisition and exploration of new opportunities, and are considered very ruthless as well.

Death Gates

The two vast, system wide jump gates in the Golgotha and Nebiros system. Unlike normal Forerunner jump gates, these are of unknown origin, design and materials. Somehow they draw power from subspace to operate. The Golgotha gate functions intermittently, while the Nebiros gate is functional, just not operational for unknown reasons. The Golgotha gate leads to the Titan’s Gate system in Dark Space, where the linked gate is identical to the Golgotha gate. No one has ever discovered the receiving point of the Nebiros gate. Travelers through the gate experience odd nightmares and visions when transiting, and most are not remembered. There are also tales of ships vanishing en-route, or going missing only to be found drifting years later, empty of life, or filled with corpses and madmen, or showing signs of horrible slaughter yet no bodies remain. The Death Gates are so called because many who pass through describe a feeling as if they had perished along the way and only reluctantly returned to life. In extreme cases, this feeling persists and becomes a psychosis called Delirium Mortis.


Known alien races that preceded current races, usually extending back hundreds of thousands of years, preceding even the Devans. They built the earliest jump gates, and their ruins litter hundreds of worlds. The recorded forerunners are

The Valthar: Known to be humanoid, they flourished approximately one hundred thousand years ago before their empire dissolved in a titanic civil war that annihilated planets. Their ruins tend to be very graceful and elegant, though xenoarchs report the ruins have a subtle menace they can’t identify. Their technology seemed to be crystalline based, running off of ambient energy, and sometimes still operating tech can be found, though it is still unknown how to operate or activate it.

The Annelid: A race of cold, enigmatic worm like aliens from beyond the Fringe. They resembled purplish-black ribbed worms two meters long, a half meter wide, with twelve tentacles around a sucker like mouth. Their tentacles possessed fine manipulators that were as deft as a human’s fingers. Their cold, dead tomb worlds dot Wild Space and Dark Space. Known to have existed during the Valthar Continuum and to have warred with them.

The Morthraak: Called the world builders or world destroyers, they terraformed many planets in known space around two hundred thousand years ago. One of their world builders was discovered inoperable in the Belishti system. Their form and functionality is believed to resemble octopi.

The Vorshekt: Another forerunner race that flourished one hundred thousand years ago. They were vaguely humanoid, and all that is known of their empire was vast along the Fringe Space area. They left strangely cyclopean ruins.

The Mandalans: So called for the odd, intricate, non-Euclidean symbol in black and red that they used, they inhabited much of Core Space prior to the rise of the Devans. Their ruins give a sense of subtle menace and discomfort. It is believed they were humanoid.

The Dead Empire: Little is known of this Fringe empire except that they perished apparently of a species wide plague some 25,000 years ago. Their empire’s territory on the Rimward Fringe is mostly intact, as their impressive defense are still manned by their Meks, who defend the empire of their long dead masters as coldly and efficiently as they did when their creators were alive.

The Forgotten Empire Another empire little is known about, they apparently flourished two hundred to three hundred thousand years ago, across Dark and Fringe space. Little remains of their Empire except for vast tomb worlds they built to honor their dead, loaded with the wealth of worlds and trapped by insidious devices. They are believed to have been very non-human, and their society had an obsession with death and the dead. They also left behind vast, system wide engineering projects that defying comprehension or understanding of the principals behind them.

Jhashkhar Named after the only known word in their language, this Forerunner race dominated Wild Space and Fringe Space along the Rim around 75,000 years ago. Their ruins on scattered worlds are composed of blocky, massive structures made of some manufactured metallic substance that stands up to time. The ruins give off a very unsettling feel to most races, as if they were somehow alive, brooding and watching. What little tech of theirs that has survived seems very bulky and anachronistic, and seems to be designed for humanoids. There are no traces of art in their civilization, so estimates on their appearance is derived from the nature of their ruins.Many of their ruins are still light by odd greenish glows produced by cold light sources hidden in the structures.


For descriptive reasons, maps code any coordinate as Spinward(Towards the direction the galaxy spins), Trailing(The opposite direction), Rimward(Towards the edge of the galaxy), Coreward(Towards the galactic core), Apogee(above the plane of the ecliptic), and Zenith(below the plane of the ecliptic.) Core Worlds describes the heart of human territory, near Sol, Near Space is territories towards the Frontier, and Frontier space occupies the border. Fringe Space are territories beyond the border and not always contiguous with the Frontier. Alien Space covers the territories of alien empires, Wild Space exists beyond the Fringe, and is known only by rumor. Dark Space refers to the area of Wild Space accessed by the Death Gates. It is full of Dead Stars and other wonders and perils, and is located far beyond normal jump gate reach.

The Sand Wars A series of conflicts fought by various megacorps just after the rebel’s final surrender. The wars were fought among a series of desert worlds near the border with the Outland sub-sector, against former rebels, local communities, and other megacorps, with the objective of establishing exclusive exploitation rights among these worlds. No individual conflict lasted longer than a year, and several lapses in conflict occurred. They were fought almost exclusively by independent military contractors, and were mostly ignored by the very over extended Republican administration, despite such conflicts being illegal. The conflict left lasting scars on many of these worlds in the form of mass deaths, as well as environmental damage. Salvage of the military wreckage from these conflicts is a very lucrative venture for shatrats and salvagers alike, and competition is fierce among organized groups and independent operators. With the Outland sub-sector seeming to be the next target for megacorps expansion, several megacorps, notably VSM, Randall, and Vulcan, are moving resources and assets into the area again and a new round of conflict is believed to be in the making.


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